Collection: Quick Ship Vinyl Rugs

We know that you’re more than ready to turn your house into a home with the beautiful patterns of vintage vinyl rugs. With our quick-ship rugs, you shorten the lead time in half, getting your piece in just one week! It’s the same patterns you love, just faster. Explore the collection to discover florals, checks, and more elegant designs catered to everyone and every home. 

Elegant Rugs That Match Your Decor

Exude comfort in your home without sacrificing style. Monroe and Leisure is committed to providing designs that cater to every person and every home. From intricate mosaic rugs and geometric folk art rugs to the warmth of Norwegian Wood, each vintage vinyl rug we offer adds exquisite compositions to your home. Showcase an impactful accent or statement to a bedroom, or pair a vintage floor cloth pattern that matches your existing decor to create a cohesive living space. Nearly all of our patterns are available in every size, so you can curate the perfect space for you and your family. Customizations and questions are always welcome. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


Which of your vintage vinyl rugs are suitable for outdoor use?

All of our collections are indoor/controlled outdoor rugs, so you can add a touch of beauty to any space in your home. We recommend using them in a space such as a covered patio or screened-in porch to ensure their longevity and maintain their quality.

What type of vintage rug would work in a home with a mid-century modern design?

The style is usually defined by a mix of geometric and organic forms, so you may appreciate rugs featuring abstract, geometric, or asymmetrical designs. Take a look at our mosaic, classic, andartisan rugcollections for great options.

Which of your vintage floor cloths will withstand everyday use in my kitchen?

Each vintage vinyl rug is built not only for everyday comfort and elegance but for durability, meaning you can lay any piece out with confidence. They’re also easy to clean, so you don’t need to be too concerned about those accidental kitchen spills!

black and white mosaic tile rug in modern style living room

Combine Function + Beauty in the Home

Our mission at Monroe and Leisure is to offer you vintage vinyl rugs that are a seamless combination of function and beauty. Though inspired by timeless designs, our collections are created for the modern home. Certified non-slip and hypoallergenic, they’re made to be lived in — and lived on. No slipping, no stains, and no sticking pet hair — they’re easy to clean and completely wipeable! Shop our collection of elegant rugs to experience the joy of durable beauty in your home. Get $30 off and free shipping when you order $250 or more!