Unique Rugs for Holiday Gifts

The holidays are almost upon us, and you know what that means: cozying up, having festive celebrations, and of course, shopping for gifts! While gift cards and socks are perfectly fine, nothing says a cozy, unique holiday gift like a decorative area rug with a beautiful pattern. Stuck on choosing which vintage vinyl rug collections will work best? Don’t panic yet. With our home decor gift guide, we’ll walk you through our top vintage vinyl floor mats for the interior decorator in your life—even if that’s you!

Elegant Classic Rugs

dining room with round table, wood chairs, and classic vintage rug

With so many different and one-of-a-kind patterns available, it’s difficult to determine which will make the best and most unique holiday gift. How do you know if it’ll even fit in with the decorating style of their living space? Luckily, classic rugs in prints like black and white checkerboards and plaid are versatile, embody cozy comfort, and never go out of style. Plus, with sizes ranging from a petite 20”x30” to a large 120”x175”, there’s a vinyl floorcloth that’ll fit every home.

Party-Worthy Colonial Rugs

person in boots standing on colonial pattern rug

Few things say cozying up for the holidays more than warm wood designs, paisleys, and ginghams! Turn your home into a historic, holiday wonderland with a colonial rug. The vintage patterns of these Williamsburg-inspired rugs make for a beautiful home decor gift or the missing piece that’ll dress your home up for the season. Pet-friendly, easy to clean, and certified non-slip, these vintage rugs are made to withstand the busiest of holiday parties and get-togethers!

Cozy Vintage Artisan Rugs

cozy vintage rug, chair, and throw pillow in living room

For the academics and all those appreciative of warm wood furnishings, artisan rugs make for the most thoughtful and unique holiday gifts. Featuring patterns inspired by dark academia and color palettes of deep ebony, umber, and burnt sienna, this collection would serve well in any bedroom or reading nook. Just imagine cozying up this holiday with a good book and your favorite hot drink in a space decorated with a comfy chair, warm lighting, and a vintage artisan rug!

Be sure to pay attention to rug size based on the room you think it’d be placed in if you’re giving it as a gift. Don’t forget: we’re always happy to accommodate customization requests with the size of our decorative area rugs!

Complex Persian-Style Rugs

Persian-style runner rug in kitchen

Persian-style rugs are one unique holiday gift that you may just want to keep for yourself! What is it exactly that makes these rugs so great? These rugs come in a wide variety of colors that seamlessly fit in with your existing furnishings, add incredible depth to your decor with their complex patterns, and offer one-of-a-kind designs inspired by the centuries-old rug-making tradition.

While they’d look beautiful anywhere in your home, these decorative area rugs would make a great conversation piece at a holiday party if placed in a living room, foyer, or even added to a covered outdoor porch or outdoor space.

Designs for Everyone and Every Home

‘Tis the season – for rug shopping, that is! Explore beautiful vintage vinyl rugs at Monroe and Leisure to discover more unique holiday gifts your friends and family will love.

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How do I determine the right rug size after measuring my space?

How to choose an area rug size varies depending on the room and feeling you want to create in your space, such as making a statement with a large size in a living room. 

Pro tip: Choose a rug size that leaves around 10 to 24 inches of space between the rug’s edges and the room’s walls.

How do I decide the color or pattern I should choose?

Lighter colors and muted prints can often make a smaller space look larger, while darker colors can help define an intimate space. Just remember that the best color/pattern is the one that feels right for your home.

How do I clean my vintage vinyl rug?

Vintage vinyl is quick and easy to clean! Simply wipe it with a damp cloth or use diluted hand soap on a sponge for stubborn spills.

classic stars vinyl runner rug in kitchen


At a Glance: checkerboard patterns, plaids, and simple shapes like diamonds

Timeless designs that never go out of style, classic rugs work well in any home. These rugs utilize vintage styles and patterns and feature more muted colors. Think subtle or desaturated shades of blue, black, red, and ocher.

person in boots standing on mosaic tile rug


At a Glance: black and white square and hexagonal tile patterns

Inspired by one of the oldest art forms in history, mosaics, the mosaic rug collection features geometric designs that give the appearance of a vintage tiled floor. How to choose an area rug with a mosaic design: these statement-making designs work best in modern, minimalist, and art deco spaces.

sunburst vintage vinyl rug in front of bookshelf

American Folk Art Museum

At a Glance: Designs that mimic textiles like crochet, embroidery, and quilting

The influence of tapestries and embroideries have the ability to blend with home decor or make a statement. Folk art rugs add playful visual interest to contemporary and mid-century modern homes.

feet standing on red Persian bazaar rug

Persian Bazaar

At a Glance: Complex designs, rich colors, and unique patterns

Our Persian-style rugs were inspired by the centuries-old tradition of rug making. These one-of-a-kind styles and designs can liven up any space, from a living room to a covered patio. Wonderfully diverse, they work well with bohemian decor or even in modern homes to balance new with vintage.

wood print artisan rug with vintage chair


At a Glance: Shades of rich wood inspired by the halls of academia

Make all of your academia and dark academia decor dreams come true with an artisan rug. How to choose an artisan area rug: these pieces work seamlessly with wood furnishings, neutral colors, and rich blues and greens.

colonial design runner rug in hallway


At a Glance: Florals, paisleys, ginghams, and muted colors

Take inspiration from historic Williamsburg with our colonial rugs. These vintage vinyl rugs easily blend with mid-century modern, contemporary, bohemian, and rustic styles.

Norwegian wood vintage vinyl rug

Norwegian Wood

At a Glance: intricate craftsmanship and a palette of wood like ash, cedar, maple, and ebony

This simple yet decorative Scandinavian style captures the rare and diverse beauty of Norwegian wood in vinyl rugs that look like wood.