What is Vintage Vinyl?

Monroe and Leisure is a certified retailer of Spicher and Co.’s vintage vinyl rugs, providing you with a myriad of beautiful patterns inspired by vintage designs like mosaics ,American folk art, and Norwegian wood. But what is vinyl material, exactly? Vintage vinyl fabric is made from two-ply vinyl that has a latex-backed padding. Around 1/16” thick, it’s non-flammable, phthalate-free, and even UV-resistant for up to three years.

Why Choose Vintage Vinyl?

Sure, you know what vinyl material is, but why choose it to become part of your decor? Vintage vinyl has many benefits besides being offered in designs that are catered to everyone and every home. After just minutes of being unrolled, rugs will stay flat until rolled up again, meaning you’ll be ready to start enjoying your rug almost immediately!

As if that weren’t enough, these vintage vinyl rugs are also hypoallergenic, pet- and kid-friendly, and certified non-slip. No more worrying about sticking pet hairs or accidental slips from normal, everyday use. What is vinyl material? Your new favorite piece of home decor!

Vintage vinyl fabric is ideal for most flat surfaces indoors, even hardwood and tile floors. It won’t discolor or damage hardwood floors, which is a must. However, as with outdoor placement, you still want to take care of your vintage vinyl. It’s durable, not indestructible! You should never drag heavy furniture across it, and try to be careful of stiletto heels and sharp objects. With thesevintage vinyl floor mats, you should also always use felt pads under table and chair legs to help prevent punctures and tears.

Because of what vinyl material is composed of, you want to take special care of where you place it to ensure longevity. Vintage vinyl rugs are for indoor use or controlled outdoors. We recommend that if they are outdoors, they’re placed under a covered patio or screened-in porch. Though fade-resistant and durable against the elements, it’s important to adhere to the following: If the rug gets wet, allow the top to dry and flip it over for the other side to dry, which prevents molding; and secure it in place to prevent damage from inclement weather.

Keeping It Clean

What is the easiest way to clean vinyl material? Simply wipe your vintage vinyl with a damp cloth – that’s it! For proper cleaning and upkeep, you’re going to want to clean your rug and underneath it. Try to clean up spills as soon as they occur to prevent staining. If you’re dealing with a stubborn spill, you may use diluted hand soap on a cloth or sponge, and rinse after cleaning.

Unlike other rugs, you should never use vacuums, scrub brushes, dish soaps, or other floor-cleaning chemicals on the vintage vinyl fabric. Vacuums and brushes will cause damage, while chemicals and abrasives will wear off the beautiful colors and patterns of your rug.

We want your rug to last a lifetime, and with a little love, it will. If you have any more questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable customer service. We’re always happy to help!